31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 30

Its the second to last day of the challenge, and today is INSPIRED BY A TUTORIAL. There are so many tutorials by amazing nail artists that I could have taken inspiration from, but I’ve chosen to take one from one of my favourite established Bloggers – Emily from The Lacquerologist.

You can find Emily’s tutorial for “Funky Bohemian Floral Print” right here. I deviated slightly with colour scheme, and used different tools, like a toothpick and black polish for the stems rather than a striping polish and a black ink pen for the leaves.

Before I show you my design, I have to apologise for the photo quality. I did these nails late last night and couldn’t use my light box, and I had to take pictures before I chipped my nails at work, so I’ve only managed to get them in direct and indirect sunlight with no filter -_- … here goes!


For this design I used Sally Hansen Without a Stitch for the base, then in order of the bullseye flower I used Jordana Raspberry, Purple Punch and Mardi Gras. I used Kleancolor Black for the stems and black “petals” and for the leaves I used a fine tip black ink pen. The orange dots were done in Cairuo 24.

I think mine look a little overcrowded, but overall I’m pretty happy with them!

Tomorrow is the last day for the challenge, and the theme is Recreate your Favourite … but I want to know, what was your favourite from this challenge?

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