31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 31 + SURPRISE!

You’ve noticed something different, haven’t you? Was it the purple? Was it the shiny new banner? Was it the missing .wordpress in the address bar? Well – if you said yes to any of those, you’re right! And if you didn’t, then you need to click HERE.

At the beginning of February, Husband launched a new business – captaincloud.co – this business is (at the moment) focused on New Zealand businesses and bloggers, who are after affordable, reliable ‘cloud’ solutions – but I’m going to do a little promotion work later on.

In anycase, we’ve spent the day moving my old content over to here, and setting up the new site – unfortunately it doesn’t bring over my old stats or subscribers, but that’s okay – I’ll keep the 2,635 page views I’d tallied up over the last 3 months in my pocket and save them for later.

The real purpose of this post though, is to celebrate the final day of the 31 Day Nail Challenge, with the theme RECREATE YOUR FAVOURITE. I had so many favourites, especially in the last few days, but I have to admit that Day 8 – Metallic was one of my definite winners. I loved the different, slightly industrial look of this design, and the micro-beads ALWAYS get a little extra attention.

For this recreation I had a look at my micro-bead colours, and found a delicious fuscia – and then remembered I have a slightly metallic-ally looking pink, Kleancolor’s Wild Rose.






I seriously dig this colour – and believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve worn it as a whole Mani!

I’m so ready for this challenge to be over, that I’ve already nubbinized and treated my poor nails to some TLC …



So be prepared for some shorties for the next little while.

Thanks for hanging in there crew – You mean a lot!

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