About Me


I am a Twenty-something from Auckland, New Zealand, who in the last few months has found out that painting nails brings out the artist in me. When I’m not obsessing over nail polish and nail art, I am a primary/intermediate school teacher, and a wife to an incredibly patient, understanding and somewhat amused man, who is taking all my bottles of polish in his stride.

I first discovered nail art in about August 2012, when I stumbled on Cute Polish‘s videos on Youtube. They were so simple and easy, I was instantly hooked – I’ve tried many of her tutorials, and will eventually get around to adding my interpretations here. Since Cute Polish, there have been a number of other Youtubers and bloggers (who I can’t remember off the top of our head) that I have browsed and ‘stalked’ to get inspiration.

I started this blog to control my obsession, and to have one clear, concise media for sharing my ideas and discoveries with my friends.

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