31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 29

And we are winding down so quickly!  Let me be completely honest with you – I have really enjoyed this challenge,  but I am soooooo ready to enjoy the design on my nails for more than a few hours.

Like today’s INSPIRED BY THE SUPERNATURAL nails. I’ve actually managed to get 2 days wear out of these, cause I did them early … sneaky aye!

My favourite verse from the Bible is from Psalm 91:11 –  “He shall give His angels charge of you to keep you in all your ways.” It was with this verse in mind that I created today’s look, with the help of this tutorial, for the wings. This nail artist is amazing, by the way, and it makes me feel a little inferior looking back at the video now and what is on my nails.


I used 2 coats of Cairuo 16 and then one coat of Jordana Lemon Tropic, which is a sheer shimmery blue. Using a paint brush and Miki #17 I made the shape of the wings. The inside feathers of the wings were done in Jordana White. The nails with the wings got a fine coat of Jordana Silver Glitter, and some small individual glitters on the tips of each wing.

All the other nails got a glitter gradient with Jordana Silver Glitter, and Jordana Silver Jewel ( I think… it was left on the table and I think le kitty stole it :-/).






I’m actually stoaked with how these came out, and I’m totally going to try this again sometime once I have proper brushes …. my crappy little $2 shop ones are just not cutting it anymore!

4 thoughts on “31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 29

  1. Sarah you are fantastic with your nail designs. Well done. such a pity you dont live near so i can have my nails done regularly.

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