31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 12

STRIPES was another one I had grand ideas for and then failed. This is another quick post and then tomorrow you get a proper decent one because I loooooooooooove the nails I have for day 13!

Here I used Jordana Lavender Fields and White  Jordana Pop Art Stripers in Purple Impression and Modern Art, and Cairuo #10.



In other exciting news, I was away for the weekend and when I got home Hubby had started making me a light box! There’s still a few things we need to tweak, but you’ll get my first. Light box photos tomorrow!

31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 4

There are some themes on this list that I knew exactly what I wanted to do straight away, and GREEN was one of them. I don’t even know if I’m doing this whole colour theme stage if the challenge right – I simply cannot have just plain nails, so instead I’m using the colour theme to inspire a manicure that uses it as the base colour, just like I did for the last three days … and if that’s not how I’m supposed to be doing it, then too bad!

Yesterday I wrote about using a new scented nail polish from Cairuo; at first I was really sad that I wasn’t going to be able to wear them until after this challenge was done, but then I realised that I’d bought yellow, green and blue without remembering the themes for the next few days – which were yellow, green and blue – so these posts are also acting as my first try of the polishes too – excuse me if I rave a little.

The green I’ve used today is ‘green tea’ scented, and while I’m not an expert on green tea, it certainly smells (not in an offensive way either!). BUT the real bonus is the fourth polish that I picked up. A gorgeous pale brown colour. I only bought it to add to my small number of neutral shades but – oh my word – IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE. I kid you not.  I sat there waving my fingers under my nose until I got odd looks from the Husband … so I proceeded to shove them under his nostrils as well. He concurs.  ^.^

Anyway, here it is – to me, the quintessential symbol of spring time, and all things girly- Cherry Blossoms!


Today’s design was inspired to two amazing nail artists – one whose video tutorials on YouTube first inspired me, and so is partly responsible for my blogging now and another that I’ve just recently found, but love to follow. Here are the links to this tutorial by Kayla Shevonne and this one by CutePolish. These two ladies are seriously amazing, and I suggest you mosey on over and check them out.

I used Cairuo #21 as the base, and #32 for the branches, which I drew on with my small dotting tool (I really need to get some thin nail art brushes!). The cherry Blossoms were done with Jordana White, and Cairuo #10 for the pink center. I had heaps of fun doing this manicure, and I’m loathe to take it off … I think this will be the hardest part of the challenge for me – creating something I really love, and then having to wipe it off. Expect to see re-creations somewhere along the line!

31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 3

Cheeeeeeese! That’s all I could think of when I saw today’s theme,  YELLOW. This manicure was inspired by @maagsdinwiddie on instagram. A little while ago I saw this cute mani she did, and for the life of me I can’t get a link here… BUT MAKE SURE YOU CHECK HER OUT- she’s pretty much amazing.

Anyway, what better than to test out the new, yellow, scented (!!!) Cairuo polish I bought yesterday. Colours used are listed below.



Om nom nom… little lactose inrolerant mousie had a nibble!

Cairuo #15 (it smells like oranges O.o)
Sally Hansen CSM – Dorian Grey
Cairuo #10
Jordana- White
Jordana Pop Art Striper – Black Mark

Cairuo Swatches, NOTD & Elusive Right Hand shots

Morning! Now that school is back for many children and teacher, I have a little more time on my hands… until said children get sick, pass their bugs onto their teachers and I get called in to ‘save the day’ as one dear friend called it recently after I lamented the fact that I generally get paid because of other’s misfortune. (Take a deep breath – I know that was a long sentence!) I decided that since I had the house to myself this morning that I would blast Ellie Goulding and paint.

I swatched my first Cairuo colour the other day, and now I have two more for you. To save your eyes and my fingers, the application of these two polishes are very similar to the first; smooth, silky creme finish with a quick drying time and strawberry-ish scent on drying (or maybe that’s just me, but I swear they smell). Photos show 2 thin coats plus a top coat.

First is Color 14, which is a dark blue/grey colour that occasionally looks almost purple/grey. It’s a bit odd, but I actually really like it.



Next colour is Color 10 – a little candyflossesque pink. Not usually a colour I’d go for and definitely not a colour I’d wear by itself, but kind of sweet.



I dressed this colour up today, which might be a little silly since tomorrow I start my 31 Day Nail Challenge. If you’re doing a nail challenge, or want to join me, please let me know!

I’ll leave you with my Nail of the Day, inspired a little by this one here, although my dots new nowhere near as precise! In addition to Cairuo 10 I used Jordana White, Lavender Fields and Cairuo 29, and topped it off with a thick topcoat to smooth it all out.



Drumroll for the right hand please…


Skittle Mani

Heylo loves. I am so excited. So incredibly excited. In fact, I am so excited that I just about can’t sit still. Which is okay, as long as I don’t bump my nails. Why? Why am I so excited?? Because I’ve just completed my very first skittle manicure, that’s why.

Stephanie at Sincerely Stephanie Nails is running a skittle manicure contest here And when I saw it, I knew I had to enter. Now, I’ve been planning, worrying, obsessing  over this for almost two weeks. I knew I wanted to include my favourite ever nail design, which is the vintage rose, but that was about it – I worked out a colour scheme, and then left it all to percolate.

Today I finally sat down and made a decisive move. I wanted to go for a slightly vintage look to go along with the nails. Here is what I came up with… *deep breath*


Eeek! I am so insanely happy with how this came out. I used a whole lot of polish for this too… almost as good as my 2013 nails. I’ll leave a list of polishes below if you want to see what used. Otherwise, I suggest you get your tooshy over to Stephanie’s blog and enter!!

*thumb: Jordana Lavender Fields, Pop Art Stripers in Artsy Purple & Purple Impression, L.A. Colors Art Deco striper in white
*pointer: Cairuo #10, Kleancolor V.I.P
*middle: BC co. Shade 16
*ring: Jordana White, Cairuo #10, Revlon Electric Pink and BC co. Shade 16
*pinky: Sally Hansen CSM Dorian Grey, Jordana White,  Cairuo #10, Jordana Lavender Fields and Pop Art Striper Artsy Purple

Hubby’s Revelation & Under the Sea Design

Two things …husband decided yesterday that he wanted to have a go at painting my nails. I dutifully took off ny peacock feathers, re-basecoated and got everything out for him. I was going to take photos. I didn’t. Because within five minutes my cuticles were flooded with polish, and he’d given up. He said he finally understands why I can do my nails three or four times in one sitting, and that it’s actually pretty difficult… he has a newfound appreciation for what I do. But oh, his face when he realised he was making a mess was so sad and precious. Love that man!

So I’m super excited. Tomorrow I’m going to Kelly Tarlton’s with the holiday program I work for. I haven’t been to this amazing aquarium since I was really really little… and I can’t wait! In anticipation, I painted an underwater scene on my nails.


This was loads of fun to do, and I’m really proud of them … however… I woke up this morning with shrinkage and sheet lines 😦

I’m desperate to keep them in for tomorrow… so guess who’s not doing dishes today!

Holo Review and Mini Haul.

Hello my friends! Yesterday I had a little mini-splurge on polishes. Husband was not totally impressed… but never mind! One thing I was really excited to find was a Matte Top Coat. I’ve seen Matte top coats on other blogs I’ve been reading, and after looking for them in stores here in NZ with no luck, I had resigned myself to having to buy online, which I don’t really want to do that much … I have enough trouble controlling my spending with cash in my hand! Anyway, wandering around yesterday I popped into Farmers. There are no words to describe the pitch at which I squealed when I walked past the ChiChi stand. It. Was. There. I didn’t care how much it was, I was going to get it. It was actually pretty reasonably priced, at $16.99, but it is by far the most expensive single item I’ve purchased for nails in the last year. I’ll get around to posting a blog especially dedicated to this marvel, but today I want to share with you two things – my mini-haul from yesterday, and a review on one of the colours.

‘Scuze the kitty in the background… he refused to move! From left to right, the polishes I got were: Chichi- Matte Top Coat, Jordana Pop Art stripers in The Artist and Artsy Purple , Jordana Raspberry, Pink Power, Boy oh Boy, and Mint Candy, and finally Kleancolor Disco Ball and Chunky Holo Teal. I love them all, and went so far as to have one on every nail to check them out last night, but I’ll do swatches a little later on.

I have on my nails right now though, this: 

This, Ladies and Gentlemen (cause I KNOW I have at least one of you guys reading this…) is  Chunky Holo Teal. And I am not so excited with it anymore. Inside the bottle it is amazing, and deep teal colour that shimmers with all the holographic glitters, going from orange to green to blue as you turn the bottle. What you’re seeing here, if four coats. Yes, four, and it isn’t even opaque. This makes me sad, that it’s not really a colour to wear on its own. The base colour however, might just have the right shade to go with anther blue polish, but phooey. I wanted it just by itself. The polish itself goes on like a dream. It’s not gluggy, it doesn’t clump at the tip of the nail, like I’ve found is the case with some glitters, but oh my word does it STINK! Definitely a polish to put on in a well ventilated room. I do like the way the holo’s change colour though, and outside I keep catching myself turning my nail to get the sun.

So that’s that. It’s pretty, but a bit disappointing.

What’s not disappointing though, is doing a mini-stocktake. For me this means I pull out all my polishes, arrange them according to colour, and then revel in the rainbow in front of me… and try to avoid Benji.