31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 16

Here we are, back on track. My hand only needed a day or so to settle down. I’m getting back on track with this challenge, and present to you TRIBAL. 

I’d spent ages looking for ideas for this, when it suddenly hit me. Why go for the bright designs most nail artists go for, when my country has some of the most beautiful tribal art I’ve ever seen.

Knowing I wouldn’t be able to hand paint these designs,  I started hunting for a design I could turn into a ink/water transfer. After finding it, Husband helped me resize it just a little larger than my thumbnail and Bob’s your uncle.

After painting my nails a plain white, I dipped my decals one by one into water and applied them to each nail, applying a little pressure then carefully lifting the paper to reveal the design.

Now,  I’m warning you, my decals didn’t go on perfectly – in fact, I only got whole nail coverage for this on one nail and that was on the middle finger of my right hand (which I did later and is a darker photo cause I used no lights… whoops).




I really like how easy it is to get intricate designs onto your nails using this technique, and I love this artwork too! I found this image from Google, which links to this website. His art is pretty amazing!

What do you think of my (borrowed) tribal design?


31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 14

Happy Valentines! I hope you are all remembering the special people you love.  When I was younger Valentines was a day where high school was unbearable; all the popular girls walked round with their flowers and gifts and all eyes were on the people with nothing. Which usually included me. However,  my dad always did a fabulous job on February 14th and everyday, in fact. His girls were all told how much they were loved, and this confirmation is one of the reasons my husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentines Day. We already know how much we love each other, and we’re pretty confident that we’ll be each other’s valentine every day.

Anyway, onto today’s theme, which is FLOWERS. For this design I tried something I’m not very confident with, which is allowing nail to be seen. I really like the way they came out though – I would wear these all week if I could.




One thing I have learnt since using my light box … I’m probably somehow related to Frodo Baggins…. I have really hairy fingers!

I used a mini Cairuo (pictured,  but I can’t find it because I have a super sneaky kitty who steals) to create a choppy tip and then used a green striper to randomly put grass and lobger stalks in. Then it was off to my dotting tool and Jordana White & Boy oh Boy, and a little unnamed purple mini from LA Girl to make the flowers. My 123 Selection polish aptly named Yellow completed the flowera and voilà! It’s cutesy, fun and puuuuuuurty and I love it!

31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 12

STRIPES was another one I had grand ideas for and then failed. This is another quick post and then tomorrow you get a proper decent one because I loooooooooooove the nails I have for day 13!

Here I used Jordana Lavender Fields and White  Jordana Pop Art Stripers in Purple Impression and Modern Art, and Cairuo #10.



In other exciting news, I was away for the weekend and when I got home Hubby had started making me a light box! There’s still a few things we need to tweak, but you’ll get my first. Light box photos tomorrow!

31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 9

I have a confession to make. I’m several days ahead of schedule… on my nails right now is day11s design. I’m sorry. Don’t hurt me. See the thing is I did today’s design, and liked it for about two seconds. I am really trying to push boundaries with what I might feel comfortable wearing, but I got way too adventurous :-/

The theme for today is RAINBOW and geeeeez… I think I achieved that no problem. On day 5 I tried out the ruffle look and was disappointed when it smeared, so I tried again for today’s one.

I was really happy with how they turned out but I was just a little bit uncertain of wearing that on all ten nails for a decent amount of time.

For this I used 7 polishes, and I’ll list them in rainbow order. .. ROYGBIV …

QY #28
Jordana pop art striper Edgy
Cairuo #15
LA Colors Lime
LA Art Deco Striper Sky Blue
Cairuo #14
Jordana pop art striper Purple Impression

Let me know what you think – what’s the riskiest design/colour you’ve ever done?

31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 6

Hi-de-hi! Its a public holiday here today and the sun is sunshining. Yay! Quicky post today cause I’m about ready to get out in the vitamin d.

Today’s theme is VIOLET.  I loosely interpreted this as purple because violet is a really hard colour to define.  I chose three Jordana polishes for this gradient look – Purple Punch as the base on all fingers but the middle, Purple Glam and Mardi Gras. Purple Glam was the perfect addition to this mani – its vibrant as a topper and full of glitter.




I tried to create a point if difference on the middle finger using Mardi Gras and Purple Glam instead. I’m pretty happy with how this worked out but I can’t wait for tomorrow… I have something super cute planned.

31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 5

BLUE. That is pretty much how I’m feeling about today’s theme, and the fact that since I don’t have a light box (yet) I’m relying on the weather to help the pictures look half decent… today the weather hasn’t cooperated.

I had this brilliant idea of what I wanted to do, but it failed. I’d seen a really cool ruffle manicure tutorial here, by Chalkboard Nails did that I wanted to replicate. We were doing fine… until I went and put my top coat on.

I was soooooo disappointed that it smeared, after I’d taken literally 30mins just on the one nail, that in a fit of rage that’d make the Hulk jealous, swiped it off.

So then I had another idea. That also failed, compared to what I wanted, but that is the mani I’ve ended up with to show you.

Here is my ill-fated attempt at a bubble gradient (must stalk more blogs for tips on this!)




I used 3 thin coats of Cairuo #16 (blueberry scented!!) for the base, which was a lot brighter than I expected, and Sally Hansen CSM Thinking of Blue and Jordana Lemon Tropic for the bubbles.

While I really didn’t like this particular design, I had lots of 8-10 year old girls squeal over it…. so I guess it didn’t fail completely?

31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 4

There are some themes on this list that I knew exactly what I wanted to do straight away, and GREEN was one of them. I don’t even know if I’m doing this whole colour theme stage if the challenge right – I simply cannot have just plain nails, so instead I’m using the colour theme to inspire a manicure that uses it as the base colour, just like I did for the last three days … and if that’s not how I’m supposed to be doing it, then too bad!

Yesterday I wrote about using a new scented nail polish from Cairuo; at first I was really sad that I wasn’t going to be able to wear them until after this challenge was done, but then I realised that I’d bought yellow, green and blue without remembering the themes for the next few days – which were yellow, green and blue – so these posts are also acting as my first try of the polishes too – excuse me if I rave a little.

The green I’ve used today is ‘green tea’ scented, and while I’m not an expert on green tea, it certainly smells (not in an offensive way either!). BUT the real bonus is the fourth polish that I picked up. A gorgeous pale brown colour. I only bought it to add to my small number of neutral shades but – oh my word – IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE. I kid you not.  I sat there waving my fingers under my nose until I got odd looks from the Husband … so I proceeded to shove them under his nostrils as well. He concurs.  ^.^

Anyway, here it is – to me, the quintessential symbol of spring time, and all things girly- Cherry Blossoms!


Today’s design was inspired to two amazing nail artists – one whose video tutorials on YouTube first inspired me, and so is partly responsible for my blogging now and another that I’ve just recently found, but love to follow. Here are the links to this tutorial by Kayla Shevonne and this one by CutePolish. These two ladies are seriously amazing, and I suggest you mosey on over and check them out.

I used Cairuo #21 as the base, and #32 for the branches, which I drew on with my small dotting tool (I really need to get some thin nail art brushes!). The cherry Blossoms were done with Jordana White, and Cairuo #10 for the pink center. I had heaps of fun doing this manicure, and I’m loathe to take it off … I think this will be the hardest part of the challenge for me – creating something I really love, and then having to wipe it off. Expect to see re-creations somewhere along the line!

31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 3

Cheeeeeeese! That’s all I could think of when I saw today’s theme,  YELLOW. This manicure was inspired by @maagsdinwiddie on instagram. A little while ago I saw this cute mani she did, and for the life of me I can’t get a link here… BUT MAKE SURE YOU CHECK HER OUT- she’s pretty much amazing.

Anyway, what better than to test out the new, yellow, scented (!!!) Cairuo polish I bought yesterday. Colours used are listed below.



Om nom nom… little lactose inrolerant mousie had a nibble!

Cairuo #15 (it smells like oranges O.o)
Sally Hansen CSM – Dorian Grey
Cairuo #10
Jordana- White
Jordana Pop Art Striper – Black Mark