Skittle Mani

Heylo loves. I am so excited. So incredibly excited. In fact, I am so excited that I just about can’t sit still. Which is okay, as long as I don’t bump my nails. Why? Why am I so excited?? Because I’ve just completed my very first skittle manicure, that’s why.

Stephanie at Sincerely Stephanie Nails is running a skittle manicure contest here And when I saw it, I knew I had to enter. Now, I’ve been planning, worrying, obsessing  over this for almost two weeks. I knew I wanted to include my favourite ever nail design, which is the vintage rose, but that was about it – I worked out a colour scheme, and then left it all to percolate.

Today I finally sat down and made a decisive move. I wanted to go for a slightly vintage look to go along with the nails. Here is what I came up with… *deep breath*


Eeek! I am so insanely happy with how this came out. I used a whole lot of polish for this too… almost as good as my 2013 nails. I’ll leave a list of polishes below if you want to see what used. Otherwise, I suggest you get your tooshy over to Stephanie’s blog and enter!!

*thumb: Jordana Lavender Fields, Pop Art Stripers in Artsy Purple & Purple Impression, L.A. Colors Art Deco striper in white
*pointer: Cairuo #10, Kleancolor V.I.P
*middle: BC co. Shade 16
*ring: Jordana White, Cairuo #10, Revlon Electric Pink and BC co. Shade 16
*pinky: Sally Hansen CSM Dorian Grey, Jordana White,  Cairuo #10, Jordana Lavender Fields and Pop Art Striper Artsy Purple