31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 26

Only 5 days to go, can you believe it? Yeah, I should have been done by now, but with camp and injuring my hand we’re a few days behind… but you still love me, right?

Anyway, onto today’s post,  which is a shortie. The theme is INSPIRED BY A PATTERN,  and I chose argyle-ish plaid kinda patrern, because it’s one I’ve never been able to master until today, thanks to this video.

I wasn’t keen for pinks today, so I went with a turquoise and blue schema. I used one coat of CR color 98, which is a really rich greeny turquoise creme, and used two LA Colors Art Deco stripers – first Sky Blue and then Quirky Turquoise.






Woo! Really happy with how these came out… I don’t want to take them off!

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