31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 23

A bookworm, lost in her own little world, but strong enough in character to fend off a chauvinistic he-man; a prince once with a distorted view of his own importance, now trapped in another body until he can learn to love; a tale of understanding and patience; a tea pot, a clock, porridge, some wolves and a rose.

Can you guess today’s MOVIE INSPIRED nail design?


Image from fanpop.com

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney Princess Movies. I really connect with the idea of love with no conditions and with selfless sacrifice.

So here are my nails…


Thumb and pinky are done in 3 coats of Jordana Super Star, pointer finger is Belle’s dress, using Cairuo # 15, and individually placed gold micro beads over thin ruffles in Super Star. The middle finger is the rose – 3 coats of Jordana White Pearl and then CR #52 and LA Colors Lime for the leaves and stalk. Finally the ring finger is Beast’s coat and cravat, done with a base of White Pearl and then 4me #18 done free hand to leave a triangle of white, Jordana Super Star to line the coat, and a wee blue gem from a big pack I got from a friend. Phew! These designs are getting so much more complicated!




I am really super proud of this design, which is a good thing because it could be staying for a while… I’ve run out of polish remover!

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