31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 22

I am super excited to share today’s manicure with you. I’ve had a ton of compliments on it, though mostly from 9 year olds who had no idea what it was representing. INSPIRED BY A SONG was the theme, and I’ve been planning this since I first started this challenge.

The song I was inspired by was…

Sailor Moon!

You betcha the Nineties was the best decade for kids T.V … and I was Sailor Jupiter, thank you very much!

Here is the design I did on my left hand:




Sorry for the photo spam… I did these late last night and was rushed to get pictures before I chipped the design, so photos were taken in some random places…. we won’t go there!

This is all free handed, with no striping tape or anything. All the gem stones in the bows are from the $2 shop, and the collars are outlined with Jordana White, which I had to use with a toothpick in lieu of my striper cause I can’t find it :-/

For Sailor Moon (thumb) I used Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue for the collar, the bow was in an unnamed red mini from LA Girl. Sailor Mars is using the LA Girl mini and Jordana Lavender Fields for the bow. Sailor Mercury’s collar is in Cairuo #16, with Thinking of Blue for the bow, Sailor Jupiter’s collar should have been darker, but I don’t have a dark green creme, so it was LA Colors Lime, with Cairuo #10. Finally, Sailor Venus was with my newest Cairuo, #24, which is a totally gorgeous orange. Remember Day 2? I hate orange usually… but this one is awesome!

No pictures of my right hand today, but I just painted a full nail of the corresponding colour from the left.

I’m feeling pretty excited about tomorrow’s nails… I’ve just finished them and am so amped to show them off tomorrow!

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