31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 21

Here it is, the first of the “inspired by” series, and perhaps the most vague – INSPIRED BY A COLOUR. While researching this day I saw that many bloggers struggled with a clear definition of this one, and I’m with them.

I decided to go with a colour that I love and whose name instantly inspired an idea which coincidentally incorporated the colour. Win!

The colour I chose is Kleancolor Titanic, a deep red with subtle darker undertones. The moment I saw it it reminded me of Rose’s “jump” dress from the film.

Together with my sparkly black/holo striper (The Artist – Jordana Pop art) a plain black striper (Black Mark, also Jordana) a single black rhinestone and a sharpie I pulled together this look, which I was over all fairly happy with:


The sharpie was a new trial for me, to see if I could get the filigree work small enough… with a bit more practice I reckon I can!

These nails however, really didn’t want to be photographed.  I tried outside, flash,  lightbox, and even in the bathroom… none of these pictures really capture what I tried to do with this goooooooorgeous colour.  Ah well, this is life.







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