31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 19 + tutorial (galaxy nails)

I love the stars. I love the awe inspiring beauty of the vastness of space and the unfathomable expanse of it. Space speaks to me of the unknown, possibilities and my own childhood conclusion that the universe we live in did not happen by chance.

I’ve wanted to do this design for a long time. I tried it once before I started blogging, but I hated the way it turned out. Today I’m still not entirely happy, but how can you truly capture such breathtaking beauty on such a small canvas?




There are a lot of tutorials out there for how to achieve this look, but I wanted to add mine to the collection.

You’ll need teeny bits of sponge and tweezers – I found this much easier to use than a whole sponge between my fingers.


And some polishes that reflect the type of nebula/galaxy you want to create. I used Kleancolor Black and Black Out (I genuinely adore this black glitter polish!), Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue, Jordana Raspberry & White, and a sticky as QY glitter polish.


I started off with just one coat of black, then did a slick of Black Out.



I could have quite happily ended here, but I didn’t. Taking my blue polish, I sponged on random spaces. You might need to go over a few times to show up.


Then my pink/purple over top, but not right out to the edges.


Finally I added in the white and went over with the glitter finish.


I’m definitely going to try this one again sometime.


7 thoughts on “31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 19 + tutorial (galaxy nails)

  1. This is one of the prettiest galaxy manicures I’ve seen. It really looks like the milky way or something.. so pretty! I might follow your tutorial one day! Great job 🙂

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