My First Award!!

Yesterday morning, I woke up lamenting the fact that I’m not able to carry on with my nail challenge because of my defunct hand. And then I checked my emails. It had to be the best 6:15am email check ever. I had a notification sitting there, so unceremoniously, so innocently; I almost missed it. It was an email pointing to a post by Confessions of a Swatchaholic … and she nominated me and several other bloggers for this award.


I jumped out of bed, did a little happy dance and pretty much beamed all day. I’ve only been blogging since the last bit of last year, so to be recognised by another blogger is really exciting!

Part of being nominated for this blog is to a) thank the one who nominated you, b) nominate 15 other bloggers (relatively new ones) & let them know, c) add the award badge to your post and d) divulge seven interesting or random facts about yourself.

So thank you Miss Confessions!! I didn’t even know you were following/knew about me, so thanks for finding me and deciding I was a worthy recipient ❤

Here are my 15 nominations, which was so so soooooo hard to compile! I could easily have had a list 20+ long. A few of my nominations may not be necessarily new (which I classified as having run for a year or so), but are new to me, and definitely worth a mention.

  1. Domestic Minxes
  2. Trine Marie
  3. Nailed it NZ
  4. Beauty Adoration
  5. Brijit’s Digits
  6. CraftyNail
  7. Nail Luxxe
  8. Wrapped n Glitter
  9. Nail Art for Funn
  10. Amoof Nails
  11. Polished Me
  12. The Silver Me
  13. The Polish Fox
  14. MaSucree
  15. Every Sensory


And finally, the 7 facts…

1. I always always ask for extra jalapeños.
2. In school I sucked at math, but aced chemistry… go figure!
3. If I was going to retrain it would be as a nurse.
4. I love Sailor Moon. She ignites fun memories of my childhood. I wish I had hair that I could style into meatballs.
5. I slept with my bedside light on right up until the eve of my wedding. I don’t need a light to scare the boogy man anymore, I have Husband.
6. I don’t sleep with a pillow – my cat commandeers it every night.
7. I often sing song lyrics in reply to questions, or if a phrase triggers a song in my brain.


You are all awesome – thanks for reading, subscribing, and just existing in general!



8 thoughts on “My First Award!!

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination ! I actually got nominated this weekend, so I think it would be a bit unfair for me to accept a second time in the same week!

    Nonetheless, thank you ever so much, I really appreciate it, and I’m very honoured, because I absolutely adore your blog !

    If you’d like to see my (first) nomination post, it’s right here :

    Thanks again, sweetheart !

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