31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 16

Here we are, back on track. My hand only needed a day or so to settle down. I’m getting back on track with this challenge, and present to you TRIBAL. 

I’d spent ages looking for ideas for this, when it suddenly hit me. Why go for the bright designs most nail artists go for, when my country has some of the most beautiful tribal art I’ve ever seen.

Knowing I wouldn’t be able to hand paint these designs,  I started hunting for a design I could turn into a ink/water transfer. After finding it, Husband helped me resize it just a little larger than my thumbnail and Bob’s your uncle.

After painting my nails a plain white, I dipped my decals one by one into water and applied them to each nail, applying a little pressure then carefully lifting the paper to reveal the design.

Now,  I’m warning you, my decals didn’t go on perfectly – in fact, I only got whole nail coverage for this on one nail and that was on the middle finger of my right hand (which I did later and is a darker photo cause I used no lights… whoops).




I really like how easy it is to get intricate designs onto your nails using this technique, and I love this artwork too! I found this image from Google, which links to this website. His art is pretty amazing!

What do you think of my (borrowed) tribal design?

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