31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 14

Happy Valentines! I hope you are all remembering the special people you love.  When I was younger Valentines was a day where high school was unbearable; all the popular girls walked round with their flowers and gifts and all eyes were on the people with nothing. Which usually included me. However,  my dad always did a fabulous job on February 14th and everyday, in fact. His girls were all told how much they were loved, and this confirmation is one of the reasons my husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentines Day. We already know how much we love each other, and we’re pretty confident that we’ll be each other’s valentine every day.

Anyway, onto today’s theme, which is FLOWERS. For this design I tried something I’m not very confident with, which is allowing nail to be seen. I really like the way they came out though – I would wear these all week if I could.




One thing I have learnt since using my light box … I’m probably somehow related to Frodo Baggins…. I have really hairy fingers!

I used a mini Cairuo (pictured,  but I can’t find it because I have a super sneaky kitty who steals) to create a choppy tip and then used a green striper to randomly put grass and lobger stalks in. Then it was off to my dotting tool and Jordana White & Boy oh Boy, and a little unnamed purple mini from LA Girl to make the flowers. My 123 Selection polish aptly named Yellow completed the flowera and voilà! It’s cutesy, fun and puuuuuuurty and I love it!


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