31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 13

Today I get to share with you my absolute favourite manicure of the challenge so far. The theme is ANIMAL PRINT and I knew straight away what I wanted to do for this.

I love leopard/cheetah print on nails – hate it in clothing, but nails and makeup (like CeeCee Fry from X-Factor) I really dig. This type of manicure is all over the blogging community at the moment, especially with the little twist I added to go along with the fact that its the month of luuuuuuurve.




Yummeh! For this I started off with 3 coats of Sally Hansen Without a Stitch on all fingers, and then a coat of Kleancolor Go Bunny on my ring finger. I love the chunky bits in this! Then using the smaller end of my dotting tool I made a few hearts on each nail (excluding ring) with Kleancolor Titanic. I went back with Go Bunny and the very tip of the brush to dab on blotches, making sure there were no big glitter bits. Finally I grabbed a toothpick and made.my ‘c’ and ‘u’ and brackets and filled in any empty spots with Kleancolor Black. … and top coated of course!

I got so many comments on this design. I was a first aid course today and no joke, the first thing the instructor said to me was “Oh wow! Your nails are awesome! ” That made me feel peachy!

The 2nd to last bit of news for you is that I’m in the process of building a light box. My darling Husband started it for me while I was away at my parent’s place on the weekend as a surprise.  We have some tweaking to do, but let me show you the first picture taken in my new toy!


We’ll keep experimenting with this baby.

Lastly,  I’m going to be away from civilisation for a few days, and so will have to postpone days 16&17 just a few days. I’ll pick up after Friday’s design on Monday!

Love ya’ll … as of right now this blog has 1600 views…. this excites me!


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