31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 8

I started to panic about the METALLIC theme, because o realised I don’t have a lot of metallic polishes. When I began trawling through my gear I had a brilliant idea.

A year or so ago, Ciate’s Caviar manicure was super popular. Now… I’m not the kind of person to spend £18 (let alone converting that ro kiwi dollars and adding shipping… yikes!) on something I can realistically only wear once. So I found my “nail art micro beads” (cause you can’t call it a caviar manicure if it’s not using Ciate’s products, apparently) at the $2 shop. They come in tiny little vials which I’ll show you, and are super cute.

While I was fishing around in my containers for ideas I found my silver beads – and today’s nails were born. Using Kleancolor Metallic Black and an unnamed silver LA Girls mini and my wee silver baubles let me present Day 8;




Ooh looky.. you even got 4 pictures today! I’m really happy with how this worked out… its only the second time I’ve done.a micro bead mani, but its growing on me!


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