31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 5

BLUE. That is pretty much how I’m feeling about today’s theme, and the fact that since I don’t have a light box (yet) I’m relying on the weather to help the pictures look half decent… today the weather hasn’t cooperated.

I had this brilliant idea of what I wanted to do, but it failed. I’d seen a really cool ruffle manicure tutorial here, by Chalkboard Nails did that I wanted to replicate. We were doing fine… until I went and put my top coat on.

I was soooooo disappointed that it smeared, after I’d taken literally 30mins just on the one nail, that in a fit of rage that’d make the Hulk jealous, swiped it off.

So then I had another idea. That also failed, compared to what I wanted, but that is the mani I’ve ended up with to show you.

Here is my ill-fated attempt at a bubble gradient (must stalk more blogs for tips on this!)




I used 3 thin coats of Cairuo #16 (blueberry scented!!) for the base, which was a lot brighter than I expected, and Sally Hansen CSM Thinking of Blue and Jordana Lemon Tropic for the bubbles.

While I really didn’t like this particular design, I had lots of 8-10 year old girls squeal over it…. so I guess it didn’t fail completely?


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