31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 4

There are some themes on this list that I knew exactly what I wanted to do straight away, and GREEN was one of them. I don’t even know if I’m doing this whole colour theme stage if the challenge right – I simply cannot have just plain nails, so instead I’m using the colour theme to inspire a manicure that uses it as the base colour, just like I did for the last three days … and if that’s not how I’m supposed to be doing it, then too bad!

Yesterday I wrote about using a new scented nail polish from Cairuo; at first I was really sad that I wasn’t going to be able to wear them until after this challenge was done, but then I realised that I’d bought yellow, green and blue without remembering the themes for the next few days – which were yellow, green and blue – so these posts are also acting as my first try of the polishes too – excuse me if I rave a little.

The green I’ve used today is ‘green tea’ scented, and while I’m not an expert on green tea, it certainly smells (not in an offensive way either!). BUT the real bonus is the fourth polish that I picked up. A gorgeous pale brown colour. I only bought it to add to my small number of neutral shades but – oh my word – IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE. I kid you not.  I sat there waving my fingers under my nose until I got odd looks from the Husband … so I proceeded to shove them under his nostrils as well. He concurs.  ^.^

Anyway, here it is – to me, the quintessential symbol of spring time, and all things girly- Cherry Blossoms!


Today’s design was inspired to two amazing nail artists – one whose video tutorials on YouTube first inspired me, and so is partly responsible for my blogging now and another that I’ve just recently found, but love to follow. Here are the links to this tutorial by Kayla Shevonne and this one by CutePolish. These two ladies are seriously amazing, and I suggest you mosey on over and check them out.

I used Cairuo #21 as the base, and #32 for the branches, which I drew on with my small dotting tool (I really need to get some thin nail art brushes!). The cherry Blossoms were done with Jordana White, and Cairuo #10 for the pink center. I had heaps of fun doing this manicure, and I’m loathe to take it off … I think this will be the hardest part of the challenge for me – creating something I really love, and then having to wipe it off. Expect to see re-creations somewhere along the line!


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