Cairuo Swatches, NOTD & Elusive Right Hand shots

Morning! Now that school is back for many children and teacher, I have a little more time on my hands… until said children get sick, pass their bugs onto their teachers and I get called in to ‘save the day’ as one dear friend called it recently after I lamented the fact that I generally get paid because of other’s misfortune. (Take a deep breath – I know that was a long sentence!) I decided that since I had the house to myself this morning that I would blast Ellie Goulding and paint.

I swatched my first Cairuo colour the other day, and now I have two more for you. To save your eyes and my fingers, the application of these two polishes are very similar to the first; smooth, silky creme finish with a quick drying time and strawberry-ish scent on drying (or maybe that’s just me, but I swear they smell). Photos show 2 thin coats plus a top coat.

First is Color 14, which is a dark blue/grey colour that occasionally looks almost purple/grey. It’s a bit odd, but I actually really like it.



Next colour is Color 10 – a little candyflossesque pink. Not usually a colour I’d go for and definitely not a colour I’d wear by itself, but kind of sweet.



I dressed this colour up today, which might be a little silly since tomorrow I start my 31 Day Nail Challenge. If you’re doing a nail challenge, or want to join me, please let me know!

I’ll leave you with my Nail of the Day, inspired a little by this one here, although my dots new nowhere near as precise! In addition to Cairuo 10 I used Jordana White, Lavender Fields and Cairuo 29, and topped it off with a thick topcoat to smooth it all out.



Drumroll for the right hand please…



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