Mmmm… Jelly Sandwich…

Just a quickie today. My nails hate me, and are short again. One of the polishes I got the other day was this one:


With flash

This is V.I.P from Kleancolor. It’s a really sweet clear jelly that has a slight orangy-pinky tinge to it. It’s packed with glitters; tiny silver ones and slightly larger red and silver holo hexes.

It’s definitely a topper – you couldn’t get opaque coverage with this, but it is perfect for making a jelly sandwich!


This is V.I.P and Jordana’s French Manicure in Soft Pink – it’s a super sheer polish that I don’t use very often because I find it really streaky, and the drying time sucks. It worked brilliantly with V.I.P though. I’m layered it this way: Soft pink, V.I.P, soft pink, V.I.P, soft pink … plus top and base coats…. that’s a whole lot of layers. Like Shrek. But much prettier.


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