Who likes Sprinkles?

I ran out of polish remover, which is tragic, because I won’t risk a manicure chipping without remover at hand. How sad is that. So I have bare naked nails. Surprisingly I don’t actually mind at the moment – it’s a novelty, and a chance for my nails to actually breathe.

Never fear, I have a couple of swatches and designs up my sleeve for the next little while that I haven’t shared with you yet. Like this one from a few days ago.

Remember these???


Griffin’s Hundreds and Thousands cookies were my absolute favourite biscuit growing up… and I still love them. What I love just a little more is a polish that reminds me of them…


I LOVE this colour. As you see, the lighting isn’t that fabulous, but those glitters… oh those glorious little glitters. This is L.A. Colors Candysprinkles. Such the perfect name. It’s a beautiful pale pink creamy polish with different sized red, blue, purple green, silver and gold glitters in it.


This polish goes on and dries like a dream. I’m wearing 3 coats in these pics, but it’s opaque IBM two … I just like the added depth. It’d probably work beautifully as a one coat topper over purple or pink or even white, and in a jelly sandwich.


I sealed it all in with a generous top coat, and had no sticky-uppy bits at all. Definitely my favourite polish at the moment …. and I’m not really a pink girl! I got this polish from Postie Plus, for $5. Not too bad, I didn’t think!


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