Hubby’s Revelation & Under the Sea Design

Two things …husband decided yesterday that he wanted to have a go at painting my nails. I dutifully took off ny peacock feathers, re-basecoated and got everything out for him. I was going to take photos. I didn’t. Because within five minutes my cuticles were flooded with polish, and he’d given up. He said he finally understands why I can do my nails three or four times in one sitting, and that it’s actually pretty difficult… he has a newfound appreciation for what I do. But oh, his face when he realised he was making a mess was so sad and precious. Love that man!

So I’m super excited. Tomorrow I’m going to Kelly Tarlton’s with the holiday program I work for. I haven’t been to this amazing aquarium since I was really really little… and I can’t wait! In anticipation, I painted an underwater scene on my nails.


This was loads of fun to do, and I’m really proud of them … however… I woke up this morning with shrinkage and sheet lines 😦

I’m desperate to keep them in for tomorrow… so guess who’s not doing dishes today!


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