I told you I wanted to dress up Dorian! I can’t for the life of me remember where I first saw this design, and I’ve been asking some of the ‘famous’  bloggers I follow (make sure you check out what blogs read… some AMAZING nail artists!!) but I haven’t been able to find where I saw this first.


Since I was already wearing Dorian Grey (from Sally Hansen) all I did here was take a white polish (Jordana White) to make a diagonal tip. Then on the edge of the white and grey line I put three grey dots – pinkie only got two – and then just a few grey dots on the white side. I repeated with the white, putting the dots so that it makes this little interlocking puzzle look. It was all finished up with one coat of Jordana Quick Dry topcoat (cause I’m impatient) and also a coat of Jordana Quick Shine topcoat. Quick Shine is really thick and sticky, but it creates the nicest, smoothest, hardest feeling finish to the nails.

I REALLY hope these last at least until the weekend… and that I can find out where I got the inspiration from so I can give credit!

EDIT: Thanks Janet for hunting the original post for me … this is where I saw it:


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