Little Loves – Tutorial.

True to form, 2 days later, and the polish is off – just in time for a request from one of the students at the school I’m working at, and my first tutorial! This design is super, SUPER easy, and the technique I use is one of the first I learnt. For this tutorial, I used four colours, and my base/topcoat. This time round, they were all from Jordana. I used Tough Stuff Base & Topcoat, White, Lemon Tropic (which I have a curious feeling may be the wrong name for this colour), Lavender Fields and Purple Glam. You certainly don’t need to use these colours – any will do, so long as your accent colours really pop off the base colour!

This post is about to get picture-heavy … just sayin’!

I started with a coat of white polish (after my base coat) simply because the next colour I planned to use is really sheer – you don’t have to do this! This was Lemon Tropic, which is actually a really light blue with a pearlescent effect. I used two coats of this over the white. 

Once that base colour is dry, you’re ready to add in the details. You’ll need a toothpick or dotting tool for this (I’ve lost my dotting tool, so tooth pick it was!) What you do here, is create hearts of different sizes. The way I do this, is by drawing ‘v’ shapes with the toothpick dipped in polish, and then the bigger I want it, the longer the lines, or the more I fill it in. I generally use one toothpick per colour per hand, as the nail polish dries and goes thick and makes a little head on the tip if the toothpick that stops me from getting the really clean lines.

For my hearts, I used two purples – Lavender Fields, which is this lovely, soft lilac colour, that I could wear all day, everyday, and Purple Glam, a deep, dark purple filled with little glitters and bars. This nail polish I’m not a particular fan of – the colour I adore… the staining not so much. It is one of the few polishes that stain my nails, so I’m hoping it’ll behave on top of three other coats of polish!

Finally, using a new toothpick, dip it into white polish, and gently pop in a few polka dots around the hearts. Finish it all up with a happy, shiny top coat, and voila!

I love this cute, girly style – and I hope you do to! It’s super easy to recreate … so long as you understood my instructions!


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