You are my Sunshine…

So today I went and spent some time with my amazing Aunt, who is a nail technician. She let me sit in on a client’s visit, and watch how she applies acrylic nails… Who knows… Maybe this is something I might branch out into later? She also fixed up my nails a little, and I just had to give my newly shaped and buffed nails a little makeover.

I tried about three different things before finally convincing myself I didn’t need to do anything complicated. I ended up with something to reflect just how excited I am about summer coming.


This little something just makes me so extremely happy. Yellow is such a delish colour, that just screams joy to me. Not to mention, just the other day I had a very special little boy sing me “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” So that makes me just extra happy.

I started off with my base coat, then dived right in. The first colour is from the 1,2,3 selection called Yellow which is just a generic $2 shop cheapie. It goes on like a cheapie too. It’s thick and gluggy,and I will probably end up adding a little thinner to it soon. The next was from Miki, a gorgeous butter yellow, that sadly has no exciting name – just No.25. Both these polishes took about three coats to go opaque, but the Miki polish has a much nicer consistency than the other. Finally, I plopped on a couple of layers of Kleancolor’s Gold Caviar. Gold Caviar is a thick yellow jelly that is jam packed with tiny gold glitter, and larger gold hexes. I really like that with this one I don’t have to layer it so much that it never dries, it is that full of sparkles.

I topped it all off with a fast drying topcoat, and am now revelling in the warmth of the sun… On my fingers.


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