So I’ve been trying to get this right since I first started doing nail art. The first couple of times were disasterous messes – not pretty at all – the polish either sank to the bottom, or it all just looked hideous. Then today – boom! It worked. I started with my basecoat (currently Jordana’s Hard as Nails Base and Topcoat), and painted my nails white. Once that was all dry, it was off to the tap to get me some water. I sat down with my polishes – Lavender Fields by Jordana, and a pale green by BCco (found at Kmart, which was geniously named Shade 16. -_-

Into the water they went, and YES! It worked the way it was supposed to, colour spreading out over the surface of the water. Once I’d got it looking like I wanted it (pulling the sides in with a toothpick) I went ahead and dunked all five fingers in. Because I’m impatient. Subsequently, the clean up left much to be desired… but who cares – it worked! On went another coat of my base/top coat, and then a little slick of KleanColour’s Aurora, which is the prettiest clear polish with pale pink and iridescent glitter, and the odd star thrown in. Another top coat, and voila. I’m in love.

I’ll probably say that a lot.


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