Beyond the Basecoat


This blog has been created to share my slightly uncontrollable obsession with nail polish and more specifically – nail art. This little adventure started about 3 months ago, when I stumbled on some videos on YouTube, that I decided to try out, and ‘lo and behold, the spark ignited. Over the last few months, I have collected close to 80 nail polishes…

In fact, the box I bought at Labour Weekend now wont close!

And all almost exclusively under $4.

That’s right – I’m doing it on the cheap. I don’t see the point in spending exorbinant amounts of money (… just forget for a moment how many polishes I said I had, and PLEASE don’t do any math) on bottles of polish, when I can find ones that are just as good for sometimes a tenth of the price.

Typically I change my polish every 2-3 days – simply because I get really upset when a mani starts to chip, so it’s time for a new one, and giving myself a new design every other day stops me from biting my nails, which I have done habitually since I was little. Sometimes I even paint my nails more than 3 times in one go … especially when things don’t go according to plan! From now on, my goal is to post at least one picture of every mani I do, with a little explanation – who knows … maybe one day I’ll be ‘blogfamous’?


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